WD-40® Specialist®

This dust free Air Duster provides you with an anytime, anywhere solution for keeping your workshop, automobile, electronics, household clear of: wood shavings, saw dust, metal scrapings, dust, dirt, crumbs, leaves, cobwebs and more!
Formulated to extend belt life while providing better grip and traction for all types of belts.
Formulated for the rapid and safe removal of brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants on disc brake, brake drum and brake calipers.
Provides long lasting lubrication and protection for chains and is O, X and Z ring compatible.
Cleans oil, dirt, flux residue & condensation from printed circuit boards, controls, switches, tape heads, precision instruments & electric panels.
A powerful water-based biodegradable (d-limonene) cleaner & degreaser that leaves no residue.
A quick-drying spray that seals immediately & leaves a clear dry film that won’t attract dirt, dust or oil.
Highly effective formulation for long-term corrosion protection on metal surfaces under extreme climatic and high humidity conditions.
A highly water-repellent formula which quickly penetrates into seized mechanisms and fixings to loosen and free parts.
Provides excellent long-lasting lubrication, waterproofing & rust protection to items under constant motion or operating under heavy loads.
The Spray & Stay No-drip Formula is a no-mess lubrication, perfect for vertical surfaces. It has no-fling for moving parts and resists water and displaces moisture. For use on multiple surfaces including metal, plastics and rubber.
Formulated for the rapid and safe removal of deposits around the throttle body, carburettor and choke.
Provides long-term lubrication that won’t drip or run.

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